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Gloucestershire County Security provides an efficient unlock and lock service to properties within Gloucestershire. Our clients trust us to unlock their properties on time and in accordance with their instructions. They also rely on us to provide an effective lock up of their premises where they have peace in mind that the site is fully secure and any potential security issue has been identified and resolved.


Service Provided at Times Requested by You

When we provide this service, we will agree with the customer the required times that their property needs to be unlocked and locked up. 

The agreed time slots will be allocated to one of our patrol vehicles and will be exclusive to the customer. 

Service Delivered to Customer Requirements

Whether your requirement is a simple, straight-forward job or an extensive and in-depth one, we will deliver a service that meets your requirements. 


Your requirements will be reflected in the site assignment instructions. All officers undertaking unlock/lock duties on your site will have received site specific training based on these instructions.

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Real Time Reporting and Patrol Management System

We use a real time reporting system through a specialist security app installed on the mobile device carried by the security officer. Reports can be tailored to suit individual requirements. 

Through the app we are also able to implement a patrol management system. This involves clock points being placed at various areas of the site which are scanned by the device to show that the full check of site has been completed. It will also record the time that patrols are started, finished and the time each clock point is scanned. 

Incident Resolution and Escalation

Any issues affecting the security of the premises will be identified. In most cases, our patrol officer will be able to resolve them and detail them and what action has been taken on the report. 

Any issues that can't be resolved will be escalated to the emergency contact for the site for further instruction or their nominated contractor.

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