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GCS provides a first class mobile patrol service in Gloucestershire. This service involves one of our security officers travelling from site to site throughout their shift in one of our highly marked vehicles. When on site the officer will conduct a patrol of the premises in full accordance with the customer's requirements. 

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High Profile Visits

Our mobile patrol service is conducted in fully marked up vehicles and the security officer will be dressed in a smart/professional manner which can be easily identified as security.

This helps to create a clear visual deterrent for anyone that may look to cause harm to your property. 

If requested, we can also carry out covert operations with an unmarked vehicle, and where necessary, officers can be in plain clothes.

Attention to Detail

Our mobile patrol service provides a thorough check of your property. Our officers are trained to pay attention to even the smallest of threats to the security and safety of your property 

Where threats are identified, control and resolution measures will be taken to prevent and minimise the likelihood that the security of your property will be compromised.

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Flexible Service

We provide a highly flexible service for our clients. We are able to cover most requirements; whether this be the number of patrols, requested timings, or the requirements of the job.

We can cover scheduled patrol jobs, short notice work and where necessary covert operations. 

Patrols Conducted Strategically

Mobile Patrols jobs will be conducted in a manner as to achieve the best results. This could be by randomising visit times, changing patrol routes or carrying out back to back patrols. This means that no set patterns can be identified.

Where a potential threat is identified, extra measures will be implemented and where necessary will be escalated. 

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