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We offer a CCTV Response service to sites across Gloucestershire. Similar to our alarm response service, we will attend your premises when notified that someone or suspicious activity has been picked up on camera. 

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Fast Response

When notified that someone has been on site, we will make this a priority attendance and will attend site as quick as possible.

With our vehicles operating at all times across the area, we are confident of good response times. 

The Complete Setup

Working with our partners, we can supply the entire setup in order to provide a CCTV Response service. This includes:

  1. The Installation and maintenance of the CCTV system.

  2. The remote monitoring centre to receive and review footage.

  3. The security response.

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Attention to Detail

When notified that someone has been picked up on camera, The responding officer will conduct a thorough inspection of the site. They will assess whether there has been any breach or intrusion. They will also assess the surrounding area for any potential security threats such as someone loitering near site, a suspicious looking vehicles or someone seen matching description of what has been caught on camera. 

If the intruder is found or it is believed they are still on site, the Police will be called (If not already in attendance). 

CCTV Response

This service is often used on sites which are vulnerable, contain sensitive material or hold high value goods and are likely to be broken in to. Examples include:

  • Building/construction Sites

  • Solar Farms

  • Church Roofs

  • Roadworks 

  • Vehicle Showroom Compounds

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