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We offer a Guard Dog Patrol and Response service which. we consider to be the ultimate protection and deterrent for your property. This service is usually used on higher risk sites which are more likely to attract burglars and intruders such as but not limited to construction, warehouses, factories and old vacant properties.

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Ultimate Protection

A German Shepherd compared to a security officer:

  • Can hear up to 4 -7 times better and of distances up to a mile away.

  • Has a sense of smell up to 100,000 times better and in the right conditions can pick up a scent up to 10 miles away on land. 

  • Can see better in the dark with built in night vision and have better motion detection.

  • In short- they are far more likely to find an intruder than a human security officer. 

Patrol and Response

Our dogs along with their handlers operate in a similar capacity to our mobile patrol and alarm response units. 


They travel from site to site as a patrol unit for high value and vulnerable properties. When an alarm activates, they will also attend to maximise our chances of finding an intruder on site. 

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Compliance & Animal Welfare

Our service is fully compliant with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and the various animal welfare laws which apply. Our dogs live with their handlers under secure conditions. 

We use ex-police dog vehicles which are fully caged and air-conditioned to transport our dogs to and from sites. 

Our dogs are registered with an RCVS accredited veterinary hospital and receive all required jabs, boosters and treatment. 


Our handlers are qualified dog handlers and have had plenty of experience with German shepherds.


Our dogs are trained to a high standard and hold a unique bond with their handlers who are competent in their role and are qualified dog handlers. 

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