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Gloucestershire County Security offers a key holding service for commercial, private and domestic properties within Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. This involves client keys being signed over to us and held in our custody so that we can perform the mobile guarding services required whether this be alarm response, mobile patrols and/or premises locks and unlocks. 

Safety of Client Keys

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We appreciate that handing your property keys over may be a daunting prospect but rest assured they are safe with us, 

All keys are held in secure military grade cabinets within our operations centre and are only removed when attending site. Whilst in transit to site, Keys are held either on the officer's person or within fitted vehicle safes. When out of the vehicle, the keys are secured to the officer by a chain to prevent them being grabbed or lost. 

Unlike other companies, we do not hold keys in vehicles. Even with a vehicle fitted safe they could be stolen.

Key Management & Audits

In our custody, Movement of keys are under signature by the control officer and the security officer in possession of them so there is a clear audit trail at all times. 

The keys are kept on a security tag with a unique reference number (URN). Keys can only be removed by destroying the tag. The tagged keys are kept in pouches which are sealed. The seal also has a URN. For keys to be removed the seal has to be broken. 

We conduct regular key audits, seal checks and security tag checks in line with the BS 7984. Any discrepancy or deliberate removal of keys would be picked up during these checks and can be immediately traced back to who was in possession of them. 

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Trusted Key Holding Company

Gloucestershire County Security holds keys for all types of residential and commercial customers; some of these include:

  • Local Councils

  • Emergency Services

  • FTSE Companies

  • Banks

  • Companies working in Defence

  • Estates belonging to world renowned people

SIA Approved Key Holding Services

Gloucestershire County Security holds SIA approval for Key Holding services,.


Our key holding facilities and service delivery are inspected by the Security Industry Authority on an annual basis, to ensure that we meet a high standard in this regard, to maintain our approval.

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