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When an alarm system is activated, we will respond to it by sending one of our response units to check that the site is secure and investigate the cause of the alarm activation. 

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Quick Response Times

When we are notified of an alarm activation, our aim is to always attend site in the quickest time possible. 

We have multiple mobile response units operating in the Gloucestershire region allowing for a flexible and reliable service to all customers. 

Reporting & Feedback

When we respond to an alarm, a real-time report will be generated and sent to the client within an efficient timeframe. The report will detail: times, GPS, pictures, type of alarm, the cause of alarm and what action has been taken. 

When an alarm report is created, it is analysed by the customer's dedicated contracts manager. They will then liaise and work with the customer to reduce false alarms and ensure that all security measures are fit for purpose.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Available 24/7

Alarms can activate at all times of day and night.


No matter the time, we always have a mobile response unit on standby to attend any alarm activation that may occur at your property.

Safety of You and your Staff

For what you may consider to be "another false alarm", you may be attending or sending your staff into a potentially high risk situation. Why take the risk?

GCS officers are specially trained to undertake response jobs in a safe manner whilst achieving the best outcome for our client.

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