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We provide a Void/Vacant Property Inspection service to empty properties across Gloucestershire. This involves a competent person from our Company attending site on a regular basis and conducting an inspection of the premises. A report detailing different aspects of the condition, safety and security of the property will be completed and sent to you. 

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Scheduled Inspections

We will  conduct thorough inspections of your empty property as often as you would like or to conform with the requirements of your insurance.


This can be carried out anything from monthly, weekly or even daily. 

Detailed Reports

When we conduct a void property inspection, a detailed report is made and sent to you on completion. This will cover a range of areas including but not limited to:

  • Security of property

  • General condition of property

  • Mail Received

  • Electric/Water/Gas Meter Readings

  • Health & Safety/Fire Safety Issues

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Insurance Compliant

Regular Property Inspections are often a requirement of insurance companies when a property sits empty. 

We will conduct our inspections to comply with your insurance requirements. 

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